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Confessions of an Unsnobbish Snob

I have never considered myself a “snob”. And honestly, I don’t feel like any of you who know me would either.

In grade school, I couldn’t stand when people teased or made fun of others. The only time I got in trouble for “fighting” was when I was defending people being bullied. I couldn’t stand “catty” girls, gossipy people, or people who thought they were so much better than others. Thus, I wasn’t a snob, right?

Baby Enoch might be a little snobby.

Adulthood and maturing has a wonderful way of bringing things to your attention. While I still hold true to the fact that I can’t stand when people make fun of others, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a little “under the surface” secret dose of snob. Luckily, it’s been brought to my attention! (Thank you Lord)

Now it’s no secret that there are fake people all over the place.

Ya’ll we live in the age of social media, and I have definitely been one of those that takes 6 month to years long breaks from it. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming and old.

We’ve all seen those perfectly formulated instagram accounts with perfect lighting, posing, non-posed posing, and seemingly perfect people in general. We’ve seen those wildly successful social media gurus with thousands and thousands of followers, all the “hook-ups”, networked with the coolest people, etc.

It’s easy to scoff and brush every seemingly upbeat/consistently positive person off as being one of the “fake people”.

Guess what ya’ll?

*Cue my confession of an unsnobbish snob*


Are there fake people? Yes. Are there fake snobby moms who love their clicks, scoff at those who aren’t in their click, and gossip about

I think our whole family is good at making rude faces!

people? Yes.

Is it our job to obsessively identify them and waste our time speaking negatively about them? No. Kick the dust off your feet mamas and MOVE ON. God has bigger plans for you than complaining about crappy people! (Those crappy people need Jesus!)

Is it our job to see a fellow mom’s instagram and because it is seemingly adorable and her stories are upbeat wrap her up into the category of fake people? NO.

Ya’ll I have been so guilty of this. Do I spend my time spouting out words about these seemingly fake snobby people? No, I honestly never really have much. But mentally do I? You better believe it!

And the truth is, 1.) if they really are that pridey and fake they need prayer – some real self esteem issues are going on and they probably need help and authentic love in their life, 2.) is it fair to judge another person based off of what we see for a couple minutes a day on instagram? NO! We have no clue! and 3.) why spend my precious life that the Lord has blessed me with that way?

He gives us every breath. He has a plan for us. And nowhere in Scripture do I see that the plan is to get wrapped up in being negative, talking down towards people, or making assumptions about folks we don’t even know.

I’m not ignorant. Yes, there are crappy people out there. Do we have to focus on it? No! And do we have to assume we know someone should be lumped into that category before even knowing them? Heck to the NO!

I have seen in the last year how God has used silly social media platforms to spread some serious Truth, inspire some seriously seeking people, and bring humans together in “REAL LIFE”.

One of the things I never used to do or thought I would do was be part of a fitness accountability group. Guess what? I love it! It’s helping me be more consistent, and I love the fact that there’s a huge handful of women that are being real and raw and putting prayer requests up on our group comments as well as encouraging and praying for one another! And these aren’t just prayer requests for discipline, inspiration, or self control. We are talking “my baby spiked a fever and is in the ER with a virus”, “the hurricane is hitting and we were evacuated from our home”, and “help me to be a gracious mama that leads my kids in the way of the Lord”.

One of the other things I never thought I would do was post daily devotions to Instagram. Guess what? I was inspired by another wonderful woman to share because as I saw her post hers, I was challenged to get rid of the excuses as to why I can’t wake up five to fifteen minutes earlier, or if I sleep in fit it in my morning routine somewhere. Since I’ve done that I have heard from multiple ladies seeking the Lord, wanting to make Him the first part of the day, and being touched by the wisdom from God gifted authors on the pages I share on my stories. How cool is that?

And the truth is, all of these things I was scared to do because of being lumped in with “those people”. How snobby and foolish! How prideful and negative.

I know my motives, I have prayed about my purpose in these things and that’s what matters.

I’m slowly learning to stop worrying about what everyone thinks. Too bad if they assume I’m being self indulgent by sharing tips or recipes to other mamas on Instagram. They’re wrong. I want people to feed their babies and themselves healthy.

Too bad if they think I’m lame for being in a fitness accountability group. I want to be in good enough shape to keep up with my hubby and boys.


Seriously! Life is too short! I am slowly learning to seek my motives and Christ’s guidance FIRST, and people’s negative assumptions are their fault.

There’s freedom in that ladies. And I am LOVING IT.

I encourage you to do some inward inspecting.

Are ya’ll “unsnobbish snobs”?

Admitting that doesn’t mean that the Lord doesn’t give you discernment about people that could be misleading or a bad influence, it just means you are aware of that wisdom He’s blessing you with and you’re smart enough to pray for their souls, MOVE ON, and keep your eyes focused on the race ahead.

Let’s finish this race strong ya’ll.

That’s hard to do when you’re focused on the negative.

I used to run long distances and I can tell you my TOUGHEST runs were those that I was focused on how hot it was, how tired I was, how I couldn’t seem to control my breathing. That end came slowly and with grueling thoughts that usually ended up with me quitting before I finished my distance goal.

Runs where I was mentally clear, focused, and ready to kick some serious butt and smash those miles under my feet ended with me making it to the end.

Mindset is everything!

I want to finish the race that God has called me to. He gives us Hope, He gives us Wisdom, and He gives us Truth!

He will give us everything we need to finish this race if we choose to seek His Ways. I for one can say I am overwhelmingly thankful and overjoyed when He brings these things to my attention.

How awesome is growth ya’ll? Has God been bringing anything to your attention that might be deep rooted somewhere you didn’t even realize? Comment below!


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  1. Mikayla September 27, 2018 at 9:14 pm - Reply

    I can totally relate. I not only find myself judging people based on their social media pages, but I find myself battling the little nagging voice of discontentment and envy. I look at their seemingly perfect photos and I want that easy, seemingly perfect life. A life that always has the perfect lighting for amazing photos, a life lived in a spotless home with pretty décor and quotes on the walls that everyone loves. But that’s NOT my life. My life is lived in a tiny home littered with children’s muddy footprints, toys out of their place, and a bathtub covered with tiny drawings in bathtub crayon. I take to heart the knowledge that these women and men who seem to have it all together, probably don’t. They might have a totally messy house besides the one corner that they photographed, or they might have a totally spotless house and they are STILL not happy, and are stressed out about something else, just like I might be. Instagram pictures are really a highlight reel, and remembering that has definitely helped with my unsnobbish snobbishness, and with my contentment! God wants our focus to be on HIM. Not on judging others, or envying their lives. Thank you for the reminder Hannah, I not only need to remember to be content, I need to remember not to subconsciously judge others, snobbishly, when they appear to “have it all”. Great post.

    • Hannah September 28, 2018 at 2:20 am - Reply

      Same here lady!! I think your tiny house is ADORABLE btw!! 🙂 God absolutely wants our focus to be on Him! I think Satan of course takes something God can use for good and tries to twist it. Thanks for the support bestie!! <3 🙂

  2. Diane September 28, 2018 at 12:12 am - Reply

    Well put Hannah! It always works better to focus on positive. Theres a fine line between keeping too quiet and being too verbal. That’s where the wisdom of the Holy Spirit comes. People are lost for sure and deep in the delusion. The hardest thing to do is keep love for them in our hearts.

    • Hannah September 28, 2018 at 2:18 am - Reply

      Thanks Dede! Absolutely, I agree. Thanks for the support! <3 🙂

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